vacation interrupted

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Technically, I’m on day three of my vacation.  Unfortunately, I had to make an appearance in the office to make sure my co-worker didn’t throw me under the bus and now that I’m confident the little work I actually do will get done, I’ve got a minute to give you all a little update on the status of my vacay.

1. I haven’t shaved in six days. I believe the scientific term is  ‘Wicked Itchy’.  I’m actually looking a little like the Unibomber right now, and honestly kinda digging it.

2. Sat. night I met two of the funniest dudes ever. Both of them are in their 60’s and from NYC. One introduced himself as Elliot the Jew.  They had me in stitches all night until I was asked to leave for violating the ‘No Profanity’ rule for the 126th time after declaring, “Elliot, you Goddamn Magnificent Jew, You kill me.”

3.  Yesterday is pretty much a blur… I must have forecasted this though, because this morning I found crumpled notes to myself strewn throughout the cabin. One reads: The mice must die.   Thankfully, at some point God intervened and hid my keys because I vaguely remember trying to find them because I was convinced I needed drive 10 miles to buy more whiskey before I actually ran out of whiskey.  This morning I found them in my pants pocket. Thank you, sweet baby jesus.

Finally, and in all seriousness, thank you for the comments.

  1. nursemyra says:

    I love a 6 day growth

  2. Gotta love old Jews from NYC. I date them. Was the one you met single?

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