Hello Weirdness, My Old Friend…

Posted: January 25, 2011 in true story, Uncategorized

Man, a lot can happen in twenty days. That’s how long it’s been since I last posted, not that it matters.  Hmmmm… where to start?  Let’s see. I switched jobs. Yup, just like that. I don’t know what everyone is bitching about. It was pretty easy to get a new gig, especially when you have a particular set of skills like me.  Kidding… sort of.   Actually, I am working for the company I worked for before I left to take the job I just left. Get that?  Try to keep up. The great thing about it is the guy who I “worked” for last time now works for me….. It’s called Karma, dude, and she’s a miserable bitch.  So now I’ve got about 6 people who aren’t real happy to see me around.

What else?  Well, Ol’ Rod’s love life has been a bit ….oh let’s call it…. interesting.  There’s actually some funny shiz here but before I post about it I’m going to ask you a question.  How much time should elapse from the time you meet a woman to the time she feels it’s perfectly ok to enter your house while you are at work and make herself at home for the entire day, to include inviting two girlfriends over to ‘talk and watch TV’ ?????  I’m seriously asking, but I’m pretty sure the answer is longer than three dates.  My life is like a bad comedy.

Next up, got another call from the Army, more to follow on this.

And finally, I lent my services to one Denny DelVecchio over at YourNewBADHabit.blogspot.com and wrote him the consummate personal ad.  And while I certainly think there were better entries, he picked mine to help him score tons of Wisconsin Trim.

Bonne Chance, Senor!

  1. Dr. Cynicism says:

    (1) Loving the blog design!
    (2) Grats on scoring the new life-killer, umm, job.
    (3) And yes, waayyyyy longer than 3 days. I’d venture to say at least 3 weeks or more. I mean, did you even have time to hide things?
    (4) Grats on Denny’s ad. You deserve it; that shit was downright funny man.

    • Rod says:

      Thanks Doc. You know, I was pretty sure it was longer than three dates. More info to follow on that, but suffice it to say I have a fetish for crazy.

  2. nursemyra says:

    In answer to that question…. never.

  3. beawesomer says:

    That depends. Did you leave the window open before you left for work?

    Congratulations on the new job…

    ps. Your personal ad was a work of genius.

    • Rod says:

      YES, Bea! i actually did leave the back door open, and that apparently is how she gained access. Of course she let her friends in through the front door. And while she was able to lounge about my abode and go snooping through my stuff, she was somehow unable to let my dogs out of their kennels. That is Awesomer! If I get a few minutes this afternoon I’ll post about the whole mess.

  4. singlegirlie says:

    Uhhhh, where do you live again? How do you meet these nutjobs? What did you say to her? What did she say? The only time that behavior is acceptable is when you live together. I hate women who give other women a bad name. Sigh.

  5. bschooled says:

    Were you forced into the Witness Protection program or something?

    Updates, please!

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